Latest News

  • The RUSSELL COUNTY WATER AUTHORITY will no longer accept garbage payments as of September 13, 2013 at 12:00 p.m. ET. Please feel free to read more on this update.
  • Water rates are increasing on January 1, 2012.
  • No credit/debit card payments will be taken at our drive-thru at any time. 
  • Our office will be closed Monday, July 4th and will re-open Tuesday July 5th at 8:30 AM.  Garbage collection services will operate on July 4th.
  • Effective July 1, 2011, all credit/debit card payments made by phone will be assessed a $4.50 Phone Courtesy Fee.
  • Please remember that water restrictions are in force.  Even numbered addresses may water on even dates while odd numbered addresses may water on odd dates.  Outside watering is only alowed between the hours of 10 PM and 10 AM Monday thru Satrurday.  No watering on Sunday.  This includes washing of vehicles, drives, etc.  Help us conserve water during what is to be a very dry summer season.
  • Gov. Robert Bentley has announced that all 67 counties in the state have been placed under an emergency drought condition declaration that prohibits outdoor burning to prevent wildfires.  The no-burn order makes it illegal to set fire to any forest, grass, woods, wild lands or marshes, to build a campfire or bonfire, or to burn trash or other material that may cause a forest, grass or woods fire.  The penalty for violating the no burn order is up to a $500 fine and up to six months in Jail.
  • Russell County Water Authroity was recently recognized by the Alabama Water & Pollution Control Association by awarding us with the Best Operated Plant along with an Award of Excellence in the Distribution System Catagory.
  • FIX A LEAK WEEK, MARCH 15-21, 2010.  A showerhead leaking at 10 drips per minute wastes more than 500 gal / year which is enough water to wash 60 loads of dishes in the dishwasher.  The average home can waste 11,000 gal of water per year.  Simply fixing leaks can save on average 10% on the water bill.
  • Water rates are increasing March 1, 2010.
  • Please note that our cycle two billing that went out on February 12, 2010 stated that the Pay By Date was 2/15/10.  This should have been 2/25/10.
  •  Should the consumer make payment on an account listed for cut-off or already locked and said check is returned for any reason, consumers water service will be immediately locked for non-payment until all fees due the corporation are paid in full.
  • Under the Alabama Solid Waste Disposal Act 22-27-3:  Every person, household, business, industry, or property generating solid wastes, garbage, or ash as defined in this section shall participate in and subscribe to such system of service unless granted a certificate of exemption as provided in subsection (g).
  • At anytime you have a question or need assistance when attempting to pay your bill online, do not hesitate to call our office during normal business hours and one of our staff will gladly assist you and answer your questions.
  • Effective April 1, 2009, Russell County Utilities will begin picking up refuse at 7 AM.  This is due to the heat experienced during the day along with the growth  occuring in the county.
  • Did you know that leaky toilets are the number one source of lost water for homeowners.  Check your toilets often to ensure they are not allowing water to run continuously which will save you money.
  • All water users are required to have installed on their service line a hand valve and a Back-Flow valve.  This will allow the homeowner to turn off the water in the event a repair must be made to their water system (faucet, hot water heater or other leak).  The back-flow valve will prevent water from being pulled from your home during an event which would create a negative pressure on your water line.  Examples of this could be the fire department fighting a fire in your area or a main line break.  Most importantly this protects all users of water in that any contaminants from any user would not be pulled back into the water supply.